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inclusion POLICY

I. Purpose
As an IB World School, SMSTMFP has a responsibility to provide equal access to the curriculum and academic rigor for all students, regardless of individual abilities and needs.

II. Definitions
A. Special Educational Needs (SEN)
–refers to any student who shows a need
for extra support or for challenge beyond the general curriculum. We recognize
the wide spectrum of needs and abilities along a continuum,including students with learning disabilities as well as the gifted and talented.

B. Inclusion – refers to providing access to all components of the MYPIB
programme for all students.

C. Differentiation – an instructional design model that modifies the written,
taught, and assessed curriculum in order to meet individual needs.

III. Principles
A. All students can learn and have a right to a holistic and inclusive education in
a caring and stimulating environment.

B. We place great emphasis on the responsibilities of all teachers to be aware of
and provide for students with special educational needs.

C. We believe all students should be responsible for their own learning by taking
an active role in identifying, monitoring, and meeting their own learning
needs and abilities.

D. We view a student’s education as a partnership between the student, the
parent(s)/guardian(s) and the school. ( psychometric)

IV. Common Practices of the IB Continuum
A. Programme Components
i. We promote the development of International Mindedness in all of our
students through the IB Learner Profile.

ii. We are committed to teaching through inquiry in all subject areas.

iii. We provide pathways to second language acquisition for all students in
addition to supporting mother tongue languages.

iv. All Middle Years Programme(MYP) students participate in the culminating project for their programme(MYP Personal Project). However, in any case deemed necessary and/or due to unavoidable circumstances or ill health, the duration for students to complete their PP may/will be extended until 31 December (of Form 5).

 B. Assessment
i. All teachers will utilize a variety of formative assessments todetermine individual student needs and abilities and to tailorsubsequent instruction.

ii. Teachers will develop summative assessments that are differentiated toprovide necessary modifications, challenges, and student choice.

iii. Students who appear to have special educational needs and abilitieswill be given further internal and/or external assessments to identifyappropriate modifications.

C. Support
i. Classroom Support: Support for students with special educationalneeds and 
abilities may include the following:
• enrichmentactivities
• classroom accommodations
• small group instruction
• one-on-one support.

ii. Other Services: When it is determined that a student would benefitfrom additional support outside of the classroom, pull-out services areprovided to meet academic, social, or behavioral needs. 

D. Documentation
i. Data relating to the academic achievement of all students will beorganized in an assessment database. Teachers will have access to thisdata base and it will beused to track student’s progress and makeeducational decisions.

ii. Documentation of services received will be provided for students withSEN.

iii. When students change schools or move from one IB programme toanother, all cumulative folders will be transferred. 

E. Staff Development and Collaboration
i. All teachers receive IB training to promote an understanding of thecomponents of their respective programmes.

ii. Teachers receive staff development on co-teaching as a strategy tomeet special educational needs.

iii. Teachers collaborate on curriculum and assessment, to reflect on student learning and to plan for differentiation.